Rent in the East End!

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Looking for a place to rent in Portland?  Munjoy Hill has it all! 


The East End of Portland, Maine, is a well loved neighborhood by locals and tourists alike.  Also know as Munjoy Hill, you can find lots of rentals in the East End of Portland that are on nice streets surrounded by shops, restaurants, and bars. There are also a great deal of apartments with Maine ocean views on the East End.

One of the features the East End of Portland is well known for is its promenade. The Eastern Promenade is a beautiful area with ocean views that span out to a few of the islands in Casco Bay. Mackworth Island and Great Diamond Island can both be seen from the Eastern Promenade. It is home to Fort Allen Memorial Park, a gorgeous 10- acre oceanfront area to picnic and enjoy an afternoon with views of Casco Bay. There are three memorials at the park. First, there is the Cleeve’s Memorial that honors the founders of Portland. Second, the Cousins Memorial commemorating the first Portland officer of Jewish faith to be killed in World War I. Third, the Loring Memorial honoring Major Charles J. Loring Junior, a Portland native, who served in WWII and Korea. The Eastern Promenade trail connects directly to Back Cove Trail and the Bayside Trail making it long enough for a great bike ride around Portland. It is also perfect for avid runners and walkers. The Eastern Prom has a tennis court, a basketball court, a baseball/softball field, a playground, and a public boat launch. Lastly, the East End Beach can be reached by way of the Eastern Prom and is very popular for dog walkers and swimmers. If you move to this area you can apply with the city for a plot in the Casco Bay Community Garden, and grow your own vegetables and flowers.

Munjoy Hill is home to the Portland Conservatory. It is a tower built in 1807 by Captain Lemuel Moody. The original purpose of the tower was to alert various companies when their ships were arriving in Portland Harbor. Using both a telescope and signal flags, two-way communication between ship and shore was possible several hours before an incoming vessel reached the docks. It is the only known surviving tower of its type int he United States. It is definitely worth a visit as from the top of the tower you can see a view that extends beyond the the seaward horizon on one side and Mount Washington on the other. For a small fee you can experience this breathtaking view and really get the scope of your surroundings in Portland, Maine.

The East End has become very well known for its restaurants. There are a slew of mouth watering options to visit. A brunch favorite for many locals on the East End is the Front Room. If you crave Bloody Mary’s and Steak and Eggs, the Front Room ought to be your next breakfast destination. Just a few blocks away you will find the charming neighborhood favorite, The Blue Spoon. This adorable pocket of a restaurant serves thoughtful and well executed comfort food prepared with an upscale twist. Just across the street from the Blue Spoon is Rosemont Market. Rosemont is equipped with every specialty local market offering you would expect. From prepared foods, local meat, cheese, produce, beer and wine, Rosemont has it all. Another beyond good East End restaurant is Terlingua, where they take Texas BBQ to the next level. If you love Japanese, Izakaya Minato offers street food with a gourmet component and a tasting menu. A few other good spots are Drifters Wife, contemporary comfort food, and A&C Grocery that has the best sandwiches around. These restaurants are only just the beginning of all the incredible culinary offerings of the East End of Portland, Maine.

Written by Kitty McSweeney - Beacon Realty - Rental Specialist