Living in Portland's Old Port

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Living in the Old Port - The Heart of the City

The Old Port of Portland, Maine, is the Mecca of the City. It’s a bustling cobblestone street hotspot full of beautiful brick buildings, restaurants, shops, and the home of Casco Bay Lines, the local island ferry hub and access portal to all of the islands off the coast of Portland. The Old Port is also where all the nightlife action happens as it’s full of bars and pubs that are hopping even in the winter months. Rentals in the Old Port are typically immersed in all this activity, and come in the form of apartments and lofts that sit above all the shops and bars. Renting an apartment in the Old Port gives you the ability to walk out into the center of town from your home. So, if you like to be right in the midst of excitement, a rental in the Old Port of Portland, Maine, might be just what you’re looking for.

The Old Port is one of the few intact historical working waterfronts that looks mostly the same today as it did when it was established starting in 1850. There are many buildings that are still fully operational on the waterfront that was used 150 years ago as much as they are today. A prime example is The United States Custom House. This gorgeous statuesque French Renaissance building constructed of granite and Italian marble has been standing as a sign of strength and wealth in the Old Port since 1872. Fortunately this building was constructed after the great fire of 1866, which is also why its show of fortitude was so important in the Old Port after the great fire destroyed so many of the original structures.

The best shopping is in the Old Port of Portland, Maine, where you can get everything from wine to textiles. Portland Dry Goods has a luscious selection of high-end designer mens and women’s clothes that can help anyone get a Maine look. If you love sweet treats, Old Port Candy Company can accommodate any sweet tooth or candy craving. Old Port Wine Merchants has a vast and well curated selection of wines and cigars. For authentic Maine crafts and goods, Lisa-Marie’s Made in Maine has a huge selection of locally made and sourced goods. Tree House Toys is full of fun toys, games, art projects, and magic tricks for children and adults who still love childlike fun. If you are a fan of salt, salt lamps, and favored salt for gourmet cooking, The Salt Cellar in the Old Port is a place you should visit. Going to a dinner party, birthday, or baby shower and need a last minute gift? Visit Blanche and Mimi in the Old Port and find the best gift for your occasion. To all the ladies who love to shop, defiantly go to Bliss Boutique with a very impressive collection designer apparel. Of course these stores just skim the surface of what the Old Port has to offer for shopping, but as you explore you will discover all the other amazing shops this part of Portland, Maine, parades.

There are countless world-class and distinguished restaurants in the Old Port of Portland, Maine. One of the most celebrated is Fore Street. It has been serving rustic wood fire cooked fare for over 20 years, and is known as one of the best restaurants in the Country. Another very prominent restaurant, that is also the sister restaurant to Fore Street, is Street and Co. Know for its simple and unmitigated seafood cuisine, it represents the classic tastes of of Maine. A newer and more eclectic restaurant that has gained national praise in a very short time is Central Provisions. Its smashing small plates and artisanal craft cocktails have won over Portland’s foodie scene. If you want to try a transcendent lobster roll, you have to go to Eventide Oyster Company. Their brown butter lobster roll in a steamed bun melts in your mouth, and the oysters are equally as exquisite. If you are a rush fanatic, Miyake in the Old Port will be one of the most supreme Japanese meals you’ve ever had in your life. Be sure to try the Omakase tasting menu, which in Japanese means “I will leave it to you.” These are just a handful of restaurants in the Old Port of Portland, Maine.

For nightlife there are tons great bars and pubs for a night of merrymaking. If you love mixology and shippy themed decor, you will relish in all Blythe and Burrows has to offer. This cocktail bar has drinks that are extraordinary and it attracts some of the most interesting bar patrons in Portland. If you love beer and a warm pub style feel, try Three Dollar Deweys to meet a great friend after work. If you are immersed in the Portland beer scene and dote on all the local brews, stop into the Thirsty Pig, where the kegs are fresh and from all the most treasured breweries in town. Or savor the unique piquancy of all the specialty beers of Europe at the Novare Res Bier Cafe.

Written by Kitty McSweeney - Beacon Realty - Rental Specialist